The International Festival of TV Broadcasters and Independent Producers SIMFEST, Fourteenth Edition

August: 14 – 20, 2017, Tirgu Mures

Art.1. Media productions will be submitted to the SIMFEST competition by reporters, editors, show broadcasters, producers, cameramen, operators, cinematographers etc. (on his or hers own behalf, or on behalf of the employing institutions) of any local, regional or national coverage (must-carry) television, with air or cable broadcasting, which produces its own programs; territorial correspondents of national or regional stations; free-lancers; independent video production studios; students; companies or independent creators working in multimedia.

Art.2. The SIMFEST competitions has seven different sections:

  1. News: Each participant will submit in the competition five (5) news, edited for broadcast. Each piece will last from 1 min. 10 sec. to 3 minutes and will be accompanied by scripts. Scripts shall also include INTRO and EXTRO (if applicable) for the announcer, names of interviewees (synchromesh) and names of producers. As a starting point in  judgment we shall consider the fact that a news reporter’s evaluation often has a high degree of subjectivity, as most often than not, the related event’s spectacular and dynamism receive more attention than the script, style and quality of the news as a journalistic piece. That is why, our competition will account the image, mounting and, foremost, the way in which the rules of drafting television-news are respected and highlighted.
    TV publishing (reportages, documentaries, TV investigation/ essay/ talk-show etc.): a competitor (a team) can submit their own name no more than two (2) production; one television can submit no more than 3 (three) productions. The works will be accompanied by the team’s names list (including music playlist illustration).
  2. Entertainment: Each participant can submit a maximum of 2 (two) productions. They will be accompanied by explanatory texts that shall offer all the information about the production, mention filmmakers, beneficiary, date and place of distribution, the name of the series, if the production is part of one, etc.
  3. Video: this section is divided into three subsections: music video, video for advertising and video for political campaigns. The productions can be submitted by their producers in their own name or on behalf of the producing company/ television. Promotional Videos may also be submitted by their beneficiaries, and the music and the electoral ones may be submitted by their protagonists (bands, personalities or political parties).
  4. Multimedia: this section is dedicated to web pages – sites, blogs etc. and presentation CDs. Each project will be accompanied by a brief presentation that shall also contain the producers and team members’ names.

Multimedia events previously produced can also be submitted for the competition – for each piece we must receive a filmed summary of no more than 25 minutes.

Live multimedia events can also be registered: they shall be presented live during the festival; for their proper unfolding the responsibility lies with the competitors who will take the time to contact the organizers to ensure that they were included in the program and that they can be provided with the appropriate logistics.

Competitors can sign up one project for each of these last two categories.

  1. Student projects: students from any college, in Romania or abroad, regardless of their studying domain, can submit their projects, and that can be carried out by any technical means. The judging will value the creativity, the theme’s originality and the project’s specific approach.
  2. Touristic film:  documentaries or reports presenting places, events or settlements that may constitute touristic attractions, can be submitted for this section.
    Art. 3. The SIMFEST jury consists of renowned journalism, television and film figures. It operates on a different location than the festival, and it has full decisional independence. It has the power to grant the awards for the stated sections, as well as not grant awards for sections that haven’t received, in their consideration, productions of the desired quality. The jury can also set up special prizes, other than those set out in the festival’s record.
    Art.5. The net amounts corresponding to prizes will be awarded to the registered producers and filmmakers.
    The festival does not pay screening rights for the productions registered in the competition.
    Art.7. Application procedure:

The filmmakers, producers or retailers that owns the intellectual property rights must complete the online registration form on the official website of the festival at SIMFEST 2017 runs since August 14 until 20 this year.

Registration period: June 10 to August 10, postmark. Productions submitted/ sent after these dates will not be considered!

The productions will be presented on a DVD support, MPG format, and will be sent by post or by a courier company, together with the broadcasting agreement, signed by the producer and/ or by the decision makers, at: SIMFEST Cultural Association, str. Unirii, nr. 5, bl. A, ap. 7, 547530 – Singeorgiu de Mures, jud. Mureş, Romania. The competitors may also send their productions by Internet, using a transfer method and specifying the accessing address where it can be downloaded and the password, if it exist.

Not granting the broadcasting rights does not entail any prohibition on the participation to the festival.
For online multimedia productions (web pages, blogs etc.) we must receive the accessing address.
In order to register for the Summer School for Journalists’ courses and workshops, send an email to the organizers at, with Summer School for Journalists registration subject.
Reporters, editors, filmmakers, producers, cameramen, operators, directors of photography, distributors/ manufacturers etc. assumes full responsibility for the data filled in the registration form.
Art. 8. Participation in the festival
The official program (the events’ schedule, the projections screening hours as well as the related happenings’ timetable) will be established by the organizers and will be announced on the Festival’s website.
The Festival is open to the public. Print and audio-video accredited journalists will also be present at the event.
For the Summer School participants, the SIMFEST Association provides accommodation and meals. For the Festival participants, the organizers provide the meals during the event, and financially convenient accommodation solutions will be sought.
The participation to the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of the present Statute.
Art. 9. Promotion and advertising
Press and advertising materials for the productions registered in the competition, as well as for those productions dedicated to the special projection sessions, must reach the Festival’s address, or be sent via transfer at until August 10, 2015. The press and advertising kit may contain: poster, press book, producer’s photo and filmography, photographs of actors in the main roles (if any), trailer, technical box.
Art.10. About our Festival
According to the public mission assumed by the SIMFEST Festival, the event proposes each year related cultural happenings such as exhibitions, book launches, workshops, film medallions, days dedicated to publishing houses etc. While the productions are being judged, public screenings of the submitted productions are organized, followed by debates. Their aim is both to encourage and facilitate knowledge and experience exchange among filmmakers and other media professionals present, and to create a communication bridge between people of the media and information consumers. The most valuable productions, as recommended by the jury, and of whose producers will be present, will be the ones scheduled for the public screenings.